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September 3, 2013
I would like say a special thanks to M. Minty for her fabulous writing of the articles that appeared in the Now and the Leader newspapers. I would also like to thank the Now and the Leader newspapers for their support.

July 17, 2013
Hope everyone is enjoying the amazing sun we are having or at least a cool drink and some shade:) Summer is a time for me to reconnect with nature and soak up all the ideas it inspires for lyrics and moods for writing, as well as spending time with great friends. I am really enjoying teaching vocal classes again, it is so wonderful to teach them the great techniques I have gathered over the years and watch them bloom into amazing singers. And by teaching all ages, I see how it is never too late to start living your dream, hobby or favorite passion, it is so good for the soul! Blessings to you, and thanks for listening and checking in.

April 21, 2013
Thank you, Boston, for showing the world how love, compassion and the light within can conquer insurmountable darkness. My prayers and heart go out to each and every one of you. To my music friends, Panos and staff at SonicBids (music) who were a block away from the marathon, and to all Bostonians, let your Inner Light shine on.
Blessings, Rhayne.

January 1, 2013
Hi and Happy New Year to All! We made it through 2012! We will enjoy 2013, embrace it by being all that we can be, by being loving, compassionate and conscious beings, that LOVE music! Peace to all Nations. Love and joy to you all, Rhayne

I’d also like to give a special shout out to all my fans at Jango Radio. Thanks for your support!

September, 2012
Without You Club Mix and Eve Club Mix were featured in  Hangout Corporation’s Club Enforcer podcast #126 – The Loft, which was aired on Sept 17, 2012. Special thanks to DJnumone!

August, 2012
Hope everyone had a blessed and happy summer!

Thanks to all my fans at Jango Radio! I appreciate your support. Enjoy listening to all my tracks on Jango Radio, on my radio page, playing now.

March, 2012
A big thanks to mvyradio Local musiCafe. From January to March 2012, I was a highlighted as a featured artist for the song Don’t Ever Change, and now listed under their Single Tracks.

December, 2011
Check outIndie Castle Radio, a streaming Indie music station, who are playing my tracks Don’t Stop Me and Eve Club Mix from December to March 2012.

September, 2011
Thanks to Erin and the Jango Radio team for their support and promotion of my music, in particular the Club mix of my track Don’t Stop Me.

On September 11, 2011, let’s replace the fear that the tragedy created and replace it with Love for All.

Blessings to all. Love to everyone, from Canada.

May, 2011
Welcome to my updated website (finally)! Special thanks to my friend, Corey, for his expertise and great job updating this site.

March, 2011
Rhayne’s music video of her song EVE off the Rhayne 2011 is on T.V. Jannus Live, a concert venue in St. Petersburg, Florida USA, has developed an on demand music/entertainment Channel called Jannus TV that will be shown on Brighthouse Cable, a system that covers the heavily populated belt of Central Florida and reaches over 2 million people.

They wrote Rhayne stating: Rhayne’s Eve music video is going to:
"Jannus Live, a live concert venue in St. Petersburg, FL. Recently you have been contacted about featuring some of your material for our new cable television channel which will air to apx. 2 million viewers in that area."

Please go to the video page (click here) of this website to see her music video that will air on this cable network.

February, 2011
Rhayne was contacted by the International Songwriting Competition staff and asked to join Hello Music, their sister company that assists in licensing, special thanks to Jim Morgan for his inspiration and encouragement.
January, 2011
Rhayne released her new RHAYNE 2011 REMIX CD which also includes a brand new song entitled “Don’t Stop Me.”

She also released her new 2011 remix and tracks to Jango radio among others (view radio page on this site) and several music companies for online music distribution (see music page on this site for a complete listing of all companies with their links provided for easy access) also a special thanks to Sonicbids Corp. for their great assistance.

Rhayne was chosen by Women of Substance Radio for her beliefs in a world less violent and placed her song “Don’t Ever Change” into regular rotation for three months.

Live 365 Radio which hosts Women of Substance Radio chose Rhayne based on, as they wrote: “Selected were Female Performers (Label Artists and Indies artists, who deliver high quality music that speaks to the listener through vocal excellence, depth of character and emotion, and lyrics that leave a lasting impression.”

Johnny Rock a company from California, USA. chose Rhayne as one of their artists to feature in their magazine at the 2011 Midem Music Conference held in Cannes, France end of January. We are proud to be working with Johnny Rock to secure licensing for Rhayne’s music. See Rhayne on their website, link below.

Rhayne is humbled and honored that she is on the same cover at the Midem Conference repped by Johnny Rock, with the great guitarist for Elvis, Scotty Moore, announcing his new release.

Based out of Youngstown, Ohio, ruKus radio has been blasting forth independent music with complete disregard for the mainstream since 2007. Starting as a podcast, the station has evolved into a 24/7 streaming station playing only the finest independent music from across the globe. With live shows all week, by a wide range of DJs. ruKus is streaming these songs from Rhayne’s 2011 Remix CD:

Hold On To Me
Don’t Stop Me
EVE (club mix)
Lying To Myself
2007 – 2010
Rhayne took time to grieve, after losing her dearest family member. A very special thanks to friends and family for their amazing support. Rhayne also co-wrote a screenplay in her loved one’s memory that is now at a major motion picture studio under review.
Feb 20, 2007
Happy Chinese new year.
Hope everyone is doing well…..

I went travelling to the hot springs throughout BC, assisted a family member in healing and enjoyed chanting and getting in touch with nature.

I am also looking forward to recording a great new dance track in the near future.

Peace be with you
May 13, 2006
Rhayne and live band will be showcasing her ‘Rhayne’ CD at the Hot Jazz Club on Friday, June 2, 2006

2120 Main Street (between E. 5th and 6th)

Doors open at 9 pm – admission 7 members 10 for non members DJ T will be spinning between sets – join us!
March 22, 2006
Congratulations Rhayne for being added to the playlist of America’s No. 1 Independent Radio Station (Indie 104.7 FM) with track “Don’t Ever Change” off her “Rhayne” CD.

We look forward to seeing Rhayne and her band showcasing her Rhayne CD at local Vancouver venues late spring.
January 22, 2006
Congratulations Rhayne!

You were chosen out of many thousands to be one of our top 32 artists we feel are ready for a label. We are the Independent Artist Registry and have chosen to shop and support Rhayne to the labels, due to her top professional scores in all our categories. (music, voice, songs, website, professionalism, overall presentation etc.)

The Independent Artist Registry is USA based company and we are the same folks who run The Music Phone Book in the USA.

You can contact Josh Wendall director of IAR, if you wish to discuss Rhayne and her career, thru our website www.independentartistregistry.com

or her link to us www.independentartistregistry.com/rhayne – or contact Rhayne Management Director – Colleen and she will gladly provide you with our phone number and email to contact us personally regarding Rhayne and her ‘Rhayne” CD. Happy New Year!
August 10 , 2005
SEMI FINALS POSITION (re: new track that Rhayne produced, wrote and sang entitled “Don’t Stop Me”)

Congratulations. Your entry has been selected as a SEMI FINALIST in the 2005 UK Songwriting Contest.

Please note that most entries did not make it this far. Only approximately 30% – around one in three – of total contest entries were selected as semi finalists so you can be sure that the judges considered your work to be among the best songs entered this year.
June 25 , 2005
Thanks for returning to visit our web site!

Rhayne has been busy developing her movie treatment “The Rhayne Project,” into a full screenplay, with a great co pro screenwriter the past few months.

While that was occurring, Rhayne’s music did not miss a beat… her song “You’re My Fantasy” went to #1 on the ILR radio charts in Newcastle, Australia for the past 9 weeks! Wow! The Aussie’s love Rhayne’s music. Thanks to you Australia! This is the third number one song off her Rhayne CD on the great ILR radio. (Eve and Without You” went # 1 a few months previously click here to view radio listing poster re:”You’re My Fantasy”

This same track, “You’re My Fantasy,” ironically enough, was just selected by a US TV music placement company. Way to go! Thanks also to her co-writers of this song, Davor and Tom.

We will let you know what TV show they choose to air this track with as soon as we are informed.

Thanks again for checking in!
February 9, 2005
Rhayne would like to thank Mike at Galaxie Satellite for his support. Galaxie has added dance tracks “Eve” and “Without You” to their playlist in December 2004.

Rhayne is currently seeking retail distribution and promotion for her new final 14-track “Rhayne” CD.

Rhayne would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!
February 1, 2005
Rhayne is proud to announce her new dance track “Don’t Stop Me” is at #2 on the radio dance playlist on Ison Live Radio in Australia. Thanks to you listeners for your support, Australia! and Sean Ison!

Cheers from Canada! to see playlist click here.
January 26, 2005
DJ Agent 69, has added Rhayne’s dance track, “EVE” to her Atmosphere 69, a radio dance mix show on Mix 96 in Montreal. Thanks Agent 69!
January 21, 2005
Rhayne would like to thank Ocean FM 98.5 in Victoria (my home town) and Brad Thomas for his support!
January 11, 2005
Rhayne is now on TV station World Music Video Network (WMVN) broadcasting her “Eve” video in Australia. She wishes everyone a Happy New Year! Thanks Sean Ison and Australia, for your continued TV and radio support!

Also Rhayne gives a very special thanks to Harry T., Randall, and DMX Satellite for your support to broadcast my tracks “Strange,” “Don’t Stop Me,” “Eve” and “Without You.” Thank you!

Rhayne sends her continues thanks to Clear FM for their support in airing her song “Strange” nightly on the Chill show
9pm- midnite.. Thanks Doreen and Trevor!
December 10, 2004
Rhayne’s music demo video “Eve” is now playing on Australian TV on the Worldwide Video Network (WMVN), sponsored by Ison Live Radio (Special thanks to Sean Ison)

Thanks so much to the people who supported my music career through out this year. I sincerely appreciate your efforts!

I would like to wish everyone *Happy Holidays!* May peace and joy fill your festive season.

October 16, 2004

I would like to thank Doreen Copeland at ClearFM 104.9 Vancouver, Canada for playing my song “Strange” nightly on their new “Chill” show 9PM – 1AM. And I want to thank Ray Scott and The Lounge King at The MIX 96FM in Montréal, Canada for airing serveral of my dance tracks on their “Agent Mix Show”

Please go to my radio page if you want to request my songs. If you are a fan and would like to hear my songs on those radio stations in your city, please contact Colleen on the contact page with the station information.

I would thank Lahalla in Oahu for all her support regarding my music.

I like to thank Leftie at Pool West for his inspiration to write my new hit “Don’t Stop Me.”
September 20, 2004
Hi Everyone,
Thanks for your continued support and interest. Wow, it is a challenge to get into fall as we slip out of Summer mode. Had a great time in Hawaii in August, had a chance to study dance and music from different cultures. Was a blast!

I also had a chance to shoot a semi-pro demo video to one of my songs EVE, couldn’t resist the location, as it was a perfect location to shoot footage for my song EVE. I also met and connected with the coolest people from there and made new friends in Oahu, Aloha! Miss being there already:)

Myself and my 6 piece band are looking for tours and shows, we also have been kindly asked by Don Joyce to perform at the NuMusic Awards in Edmonton Canada in April 17th 2005. Yeah! I will keep you posted and put the link regarding this soon.

Just finished mixing my brand new track entitled, “Don’t Stop Me” c Rhayne, a hit for sure! Planning with the music folks on how to release this new song. I hope you all are doing great and had a great summer. Lots is happening on the business side of my music now and I will post all the great developments as finalized. Enjoy my new fun video!

Thanks also to Mix 96 FM in Montreal and DJ Lounge King for airing my tracks end of August and currently! Thanks, love your support!
July 22, 2004
Thanks to all our great fans who came out to support us at Cityfest in Vancouver! You were an awesome audience! Please check on this website occasionally, we will be posting our gigs so you can come see us again. Special thanks to my awesome band mates, Petra, Babak, Maurice, Miles and Aaron, you sounded and performed great! Love ya.

Thanks to TC in Hollywood for sending out my Rhayne CD’s this week to hundreds of US radio stations. If you like to hear a track off my Rhayne CD, please feel free to request your fav song from your local radio station, if they don’t have the CD please contact us and let us know where to send a copy. Please contact us by sending an email, just go to the contact page of this website.

Thanks to the DJ and KTU NY radio for airing my track “Without You” on a mix show on US Memorial day. Also, thanks to the continued support from the NY and NJ DJ’s for spinning my tracks, love to be in your mix shows.

If you are interested in having my Rhayne 6 piece band perform in your club or venue, we are ready to go.

Thanks to Jen Amy from Perth, Australia, coming to hear our band live in Vancouver:)

Thanks Australian radio for your support as well.
April 1, 2004
Rhayne is proud to announce her great scores from the New York and New Jersey DJ’s on her full Rhayne CD which is spinning there now.Lots of 5/5 4/5 Yeah! Thanks to you for your time to listen and send me your score sheets and positive feedback all you great DJ’s Thanks so much! Special thanks to Bill for organizing this! Rhayne is looking for a way to sell her CD’s in your area in stores as well as having her CD here on line for sale now, thanks for that idea! Suggestions are always welcomed.

Special thanks to Sean Ison and Ison Live radio in Australia which has been spinning Rhayne’s tracks for the past four months and going strong.

Tracks in rotation are: “Strange” “Lying to Myself” “Eve” and “Without You.” “Without You” went up to number four on there charts! Awesome.

Thanks to WoW CD staff for setting up her new on line sales.

Her movie treatment mini script “The Rhayne Project,” has continued support from the movie industry and moving forward.

Rhayne loves producing and song writing as well as performing. She is currently recording new dance tracks. Her live band sounds great and looking forward to playing live.. she has a great sounding, supportive and talented band.

We welcome any suggestions or ideas you may have to promote her music, please contact Rhayne on the contact page.
Rhayne says Thanks to Bill, New Jersey and New York DJ’s for your great responses to my dance tracks!

Sending you more full Rhayne CD’s now!

Thanks to Vancouver DJ’s from Pool West for spinning my tracks… Rhayne is in the house!

Special thanks to Sean Ison MD for Ison Radio Live. Thanks for your airing my tracks in Melbourne, Australia!

Special thanks to Capp Records and Dominique for their support in promotions and at Midem.

Special thanks to Tom at AM productions and Dermot Shane for his support!

Special thanks to all my new fans… cool

Rhayne is adding a shopping cart to the music page soon for easier distribution. Yeah!

Special thanks to my live band we are workin’ hard and havin’ fun.

Special thanks to Christine Bode for all her amazing support getting me out now to the Toronto people! Great!
December 23, 2003
• Special thanks to Latif and Pool West in Vancouver, Canada for requesting the full Rhayne CD for his record pool. She welcomes the support from her home town and wishes everyone a Great New Year!

• Rhayne would like to thank Sean Ison M.D. at Ison Live FM Radio / internet radio station out of Melbourne, Australia KaosFM.net which streams to Australia, USA, and Europe. They are airing four of her songs currently – Strange, Lying to Myself, Eve, Without You. They had received great feedback!

• Rhayne is seeking distribution and marketing in these locations.
December 8, 2003
• Rhayne is now bursting on to the International music scene in New York, New Jersey U.S.A. and Australia!

• To start 2004 off in style, Rhayne will be spun by DJ’s in New York and New Jersey nite clubs thru a record pool. The owner of that NJ record pool, loves her songs! She is now having great success in Australia, on Kaosfm with her song “Strange” airing now and went to 1 on their play list rapidly.

• Rhayne was also featured on a syndicated dance radio program “Tuned In Radio” recorded from Toronto, which aired in various cities in the US and Canada in a phone interview with Rhayne, featuring her songs “You’re My Fantasy” and “Without You.” This dance radio host Dave Aptheker from Tune In Radio, really enjoys the CD. Rhayne is now gathering label interest. We are seeking a label or company to market, license and /or distribute Rhayne now while public interest is high.

October 1, 2003
• Rhayne is currently rehearsing with musicians to prepare her live showcase for her material.

Special thanks to:
• Bernice Noel for tailoring this new outfit Rhayne designed, shown on this site. This new image will be used for live performance.
• Nick Seiflow for the great and fun photo shoot and Sonja Leal-Serafim for hair and makeup.
• Pollux Chung for website design and artistic consultation.
• Pamela Fisher at Bruce Allen Talent for all the great laughs which keeps this crazy music business in prospective, and for all your great advice
• Jan Cooper for all your great jokes and support with promotions!
• Marc LaFrance for all your support at conferences like Pop Komm.
• Sandro Camerin for mastering Rhayne’s CD’s. Awesome work.
• Hot Tomali for web consultation.
• CITR (Vancouver), Coop Radio (Vancouver) and Dave Apthekter’s Radio House for airing my music.
• Ken Spence, Zol Fox, and Tom Jones at MCDI for supporting my music and your encouragement.
• Companies, producers, Dermot Shane, co-writers, DJ’s and lawyers – Michael Levine & asst. Christine Bode, Joel Guralnick and Miro O’Balla, who have supported in Rhayne in her endeavors.
• Friends, family and fans for their support.
Rhayne is pleased to announce her new track “Eve”, which is creating a lot of interest! Rhayne produced this track with her favourite DJ Ricardo.
Rhayne’s CDs “Rhayne” and “Rhaynedance” globally. “The Rhayne Project” which is her movie treatment, is being shopped to major motion picture studios and receiving high praise from industry professionals.