About Rhayne, recording artist, singer songwriter, vocal instructor, writer, advocate - Rhayne's great, original songs are in genres of Dance, Pop, House, EDM, Urban R&B, Pop Rock, Soft Rock, Electronica
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About Rhayne

Rhayne is an international recording artist with a sultry, rich, dynamic and soulful voice, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She is also a professional singer, songwriter, co-producer, vocal instructor, writer and advocate, with extensive training in voice and dance.

She has released two great original CD’s entitled, “Rhayne remastered” and “Rhayne Rocks” that she wrote, co-wrote, performed, and co-produced.

Rhayne has garnered many accolades from several music industry professionals, including international radio and club DJ’s from around the world, for her original songs and club mixes on her, “Rhayne remastered” CD. This has led her to becoming known as a talented and dynamic singer songwriter and professional recording artist.

Her “Rhayne remastered” CD has 14 tracks filled with intriguing, memorable melodies and lyrics, sung with her rich resonant voice that weaves beautifully throughout layers of rich sounds and dynamic music. This CD embraces genres of chill pop, dance, house, EDM and urban R&B.

Highly acclaimed DJ John Christy from Ministry of Sound in London, England, gave Rhayne's club mix of her song, "Don't Stop Me" off her "Rhayne remastered" CD, a 10 out of 10 with comment "Epic Track!"

International radio and club DJ’s in several countries throughout Europe, the UK, US and Australia also gave Rhayne’s songs and club mixes top scores off her "Rhayne remastered" CD, with great comments such as, “Gets people on the dance floor! Great track!”

Her other CD entitled, “Rhayne Rocks” has 11 original songs imbued with powerful melodies, creative lyrics and talented musicianship, with influences melding elements of soft and pop rock, blues and jazz.

As well as being a versatile and professional singer songwriter, Rhayne enjoys sharing her vocal techniques and skills with others. She has become a very successful and popular professional singing instructor that has taught thousands of students throughout Greater Vancouver, BC, and the lower mainland, ranging from large to small groups of adults, children and youth.

One of her passions is teaching her original “Rhayne Method” © singing technique that she created and developed which prevents vocal injury, inspires confidence and develops one’s voice to its fullest.

Rhayne feels blessed to have studied voice with the late great Ralph Cole of the legendary acapella group, “The Nylons,” during her early adulthood. His unique and creative approach to teaching voice, inspired Rhayne to teach voice in an innovative and holistic way which has become very popular. His style of teaching voice was a spectacular addition to her vocal training that she had received during the years she sang and performed in choirs, musical theatre and later studied opera.

During the time Rhayne was training with Ralph Cole, Rhayne was also very inspired by the renowned singer, Louise Rose, whom she met when Louise was singing and performing on a grand piano at a beautiful restaurant in Victoria BC. After Rhayne sat in with Louise and sang the song classic, “Summertime” Rhayne knew that singing was her future. Thank you Louise!

It quickly became evident during Rhayne’s childhood, that she had a natural talent and affinity for the performing arts. She was recognized for her talent by artistic directors and instructors when she performed in musical theatre and ballet pieces for several years at a top venue called the McPherson Playhouse in Victoria, BC. She also displayed an innate gift for writing and poetry in her youth. All these talents would lead her to becoming a professional singer, songwriter and recording artist.

She discovered her talent for songwriting, after she choreographed a music video for a recording artist, who then asked her to sing her poetry to her original music she had composed on piano. It was then that her love of songwriting was born. Her love of singing, writing and recording has grown and flourished ever since.

More recently, Rhayne wrote a mesmerizing new dance track that she is looking forward to recording. She is also completing the final edits of an inspirational and spiritual book she has written.

Rhayne enjoys sharing her gifts with others, by songwriting, singing and recording great songs that people enjoy, performing, teaching voice, advocating and writing. She has a friendly, down to earth and warm personality. Her passionate energy is palpable when she performs on stage and is audible throughout all her recordings that are sure to keep you engaged. Feel free to enjoy Rhayne’s music, take a listen!