About Rhayne’s Music – pop, house, urban R&B & electronica

A screenshot from singing teacher and top international recording artist Rhayne's music video for her electronica song called Eve.
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Rhayne is receiving many accolades after releasing her RHAYNE remastered CD, which is available through the music page.

Rhayne’s songs have great hooks, sweeping melodies, with lyrics that speak to your heart and soul. Her songs on her CD RHAYNE remastered, range in style from chill pop and R&B, to dance, electronica, and club tracks. Her chill pop and R&B tracks have crossed over to adult contemporary on some FM radio stations and her club tracks are getting played in many clubs internationally by DJ’s. Rhayne has received international radio airplay on FM, satellite and internet radio stations (see radio airplay), and was featured as one of the top international artists in an issue of Access Magazine, an international music magazine based in the U.K.. (To see the article, click here) As well Rhayne’s song, “Don’t Stop Me” placed near the top, in the International Songwriting Competition.

Rhayne is a soulful performer, singer, songwriter, and co-producer, born in Victoria, B.C., currently residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She has had vocal training and performed in several music genres since childhood, in musical theatre, classical, pop, jazz, rhythm and blues, acapella, rock, praise, and contemporary.

Rhayne has also had extensive dance training throughout her life, in ballet, modern jazz, lyrical, and hip hop. She performed in musical theatre since five years of age, in top theatre venues such as MacPherson Playhouse. Rhayne’s strong background in musical theatre, voice, and dance, prepared her for her journey in music, singing, songwriting her originals, producing, teaching, and public performance. She not only taught and choreographed modern jazz and hip-hop dance to many, Rhayne has taught and is currently teaching singing to several large and small groups her great vocal technique, “The Rhayne Method”© that she created, effective for preventing vocal injury.

All her talents culminated for Rhayne to become a highly respected professional singer, songwriter, recording artist and vocal instructor. With her extensive songwriting, co-producing, and recording studio experience, she wrote, sang, and co-produced these great original songs you will hear on her Rhayne remastered CD.

Rhayne’s many attributes and talents all lend to a combination of excellence, which is apparent when listening to her Rhayne CD, listening to her perform, or enjoying one of her great singing classes. You will discover how worthwhile and memorable her songs are, when you own your own copy of Rhayne’s remastered CD! To listen or buy, go now to the music page.