About Rhayne’s Music – Pop, Pop Rock, House, Urban R&B, Soft Rock, Electronica

A screenshot from singing teacher and top international recording artist Rhayne's music video for her electronica song called Eve.

Rhayne is a dynamic singer, songwriter, recording artist, vocal teacher, and performer from British Columbia, Canada.

Rhayne sang in choirs, performed dance and sang in musical theater venues, and studied piano, dance and voice throughout her childhood and youth. Later, she began putting her poetry to the songs she composed on piano, and her love of songwriting, began.

Currently, Rhayne is releasing a CD entitled “Rhayne Rocks,” where she sang and wrote the melodies and lyrics on piano, then collaborated with guitarists to embellish and record these amazing songs.

Her newly released “Rhayne Rocks” CD, has great rock and pop-rock songs, some with blues and jazz influences. We are excited to see what the “Rhayne Rocks” CD brings, as it is already getting noticed during its release.


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“Rhayne Rocks” CD:


Rhayne’s songs have great melodies, with lyrics that speak to your heart. Her voice is smooth, resonant and distinctive, that keeps you wanting to hear more. She is a professional recording artist and eclectic songwriter, that you can also hear on her “Rhayne remastered” CD, with genres ranging from chill pop to R&B, dance and electronica.

Her passion for music continues, which has led her to singing, writing and recording her great original songs, that have strong melodies and inspiring lyrics.

Prior to her new “Rhayne Rocks CD” that is currently being released, Rhayne wrote, sang, co-produced and recorded her “Rhayne remastered” CD, which recently garnered European, UK, and Australian FM and internet radio airplay, club spin, and gained DJ accolades internationally. She also received licensing for her “Rhayne remastered” CD dance tracks, from “Yellow Rhinestone Records.”

Earlier in her adult career, Rhayne taught thousands, modern jazz dance, L.A. funk and hip-hop dance, as well as voice. Rhayne has been successfully and popular in teaching singing classes to large and small groups of people throughout the lower mainland, sharing her singing techniques called the “Rhayne Method,” which helps singers prevent vocal injury,
while developing their voice to its fullest.

Rhayne’s friendly and warm personality radiates and exudes when you meet her, as she teaches, and when she performs live. Every song she writes, stands on its own and keeps you thoroughly entertained. Share Rhayne’s music with your friends! We hope you enjoy her new ‘Rhayne Rocks” tracks! ☺